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What Are The Good Things That Come From Using A Dog Harness?

No matter what type of dog you have, may it be a medium-sized dog or a toy breed who likes to be active when on a walk, it would be best for you to get a harness instead of letting them use the standard collar and leash. Almost all dog owners who have small breeds of dog are using harness rather than collars and leash because the item does not wrap around the neck of their pet and since this particular breed has fragile neck, the harnesses do not make any unnecessary strain. You can say the same thing towards medium-sized dog breeds since these breeds tend to pull hard on their leash when going for a walk therefore, there is a high chance for them to suffer from neck and throat injury. If you believe that collars are a little bit more restrictive for your dog, then consider the advantages you are bound to enjoy from using dog harnesses.

Collars cozily wrap around the neck and throat of a dog and if you have a dog that has a weak trachea or is suffering from neck problems, either genetic or from tugging his leash, collars might not be the right choice since they can restrict the breathing of the dog and end them up choking. Yet, if you choose to use a harness, your dog will not suffer any difficulties in breathing and the likes because harnesses do not make any contact with the neck and the throat, preferably, they are wrapped around the chest and the ribcage of the dog to secure a fit that is tight. If you are done placing the harness around your dogs body, you can put the leash on it and take them for a walk.

Aside from dogs who have trachea problems and those who are small breeds, harnesses are best to use for dogs who have little heads and large necks that enable them to back up and slip out of their collar so easily. For pet owners who have dogs that habitually escapes from their collar, it would be best for you to think through the importance of using a harness since this item will secure them and keep them in place, most notably when out for a walk. Bear in mind all the time that harnesses are available in different sizes, and they can be found in a wide array of materials too like nylon, fabric, and leather.

Surely, dog owners are the ones who will decide on what item to use for their dogs however, there are specific dog breeds that are suitable for dog harnesses, and this includes the following: French bulldogs, dachshunds, toy poodles and also, Italian Greyhounds.

For securing the safety and well-being of dogs, dog harnesses are the most reliable solution.

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